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Ogen/blik [ Ogen (eye) + bilk (blink) ]
presented an evening of cross-cross of music, performance art, and electronic media
that consciously asks the question, "what can happen in the blink of an eye?"


2014 03. 29.    Residency & Performance /Studio Loos, Den Haag, NL


2014. 11. 28.    Exhibition & Performance & Short film Screening & Listening room / HetNuthuis, Den Haag, NL

Organized by 
Ogen/blik members : Momoko Noguchi (≠MUSIFY), Akiko Ushijima, Jonathan Reus, Maya Felixbrodt, Darien Brito 

Ogen/blik  #1 


[ Instan’stillation ] Akiko Ushijima
Music for Doublebass recorder with pre-recorded sound
Susanna Borsch (Recorder)

[ The Day of Parallel ] Akiko Ushijima
Theatrical performance with viola, piano, electronics and video
Maya Felixbrodt (Viola)
Momoko Noguchi (Piano)
Nishiko (Video)

[ The Hague, 12/02/2014-16/02/2014 ] Maya Felixbrodt
A non-ordered sequence of 6 miniatures
Maya Felixbrodt (Viola, performance, installation)

[ Autonomic Resonance ] Jonathan Reu / Momoko Noguchi
Improvisation performance for autonomous body response of two players
Jonathan Reus (Voice, Electronics)
Momoko Noguchi (Piano)

[ Vsig~0.1 ] Darien Brito
Audio-visual performance with violin, lighting, live electronics and live visuals
Novilė Maceinaitė (Violin)
Darien Brito (Electronics, visuals)

Organized by :
Ogen/blik (Momoko Noguchi, Akiko Ushijima, Jonathan Reus, Darien Brito, Maya Felixbrodt)


Ogen/blik   #2

An ongoing program of abstract films, performances, installations and electronic sound compositions scattered throughout the historic Nutshuis building.

Ogen/blik [Ogen[eye] + blik[blink]] #2 is the followup to the highly successful Ogen/blik audio-visual event. Once again a small group of young artists from Japan, Ecuador, Israel and the USA convene to produce an eclectic evening criss-crossing sound art, moving image and performance experimentation.

Curated by Jonathan Reus, Momoko Noguchi, Darien Brito, and Maya Felixbrodt.

Specially for Hoogtij at Het Nutshuis, the main hall will be used as a large public cinema and performance space featuring films by artists who create stunning abstract cinema through non-standard processes - exploring the materiality of analog, digital and generative approaches to film.

You can also treat your ears to a selection of electronic sound compositions in the bank vault, bringing together a group of young composers from Turkey, Israel and Belgium.

The evening will close with a program of new performances by Darien Brito, Maya Felixbrodt, Momoko Noguchi, Jonathan Reus and Takuto Fukada, followed by a special screening of Martijn van Boven and Tom Tlalim's abstract data-driven narrative Field Notes from a Mine.

Closing Program (20:30 - 22:30)

Autonomic Resonance II (ongoing, limited attendance)
Jonathan Reus (US) | Momoko Noguchi (JP)

Dream#1 | Beginnings and Endges | page 3/69
Maya Felixbrodt (IL)
Clara Rivière | Cello

Beyond the Endless Chaos
for Flute and Live electronics
Takuto Fukuda (JP)
Elena Vyaznikova | Flute

Vsig~ 2.0
Darien Brito (EC)
Novile Maceinaite (LT) | Violin

Martijn van Boven (NL) & Tom Tlalim (NL/IL)
Field Notes from a Mine (2012)

Short Film Program (19:00 - 21:00)

Martijn van Boven (NL)
Interfield (2007)

Rosa Menkman (NL)
Demolish the eerie ▼oid (2010)
Karate aka ☵ ☲ // 010 101 // kǎn lí (2014)

Darien Brito (EC)
Alembic (2014)

Klara Ravat (ES)
Transformation (2014)

Phillip Stearns (US)
Ambient Environments: Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Vista (2013)

Jet Smits (NL)
Liquid Lattice (2014)

Naja Ankarfeldt (DK)
Mutaatiofinit (2014)

Kristijonas Dirsė (LT)
Going Out of The Mirror / Išeinant iš veidrodžio (2013)

Yael Levy (IS)
(But) WeCanHide (2014)

Nikos Kokolakis (GR)
At Land (1944 / 2013)

Listening Room (19:00 - 23:00)

Sair Sinan Kestelli (TR)
Distract (2013)
Exposure (2013)

Tuna Pase (TR)
Nefes (2007)

Emre Malikler (TR)
The trapped in the opaline labyrinth (2014)

Damla Pehlevan (TR)
Variations On Speech, Piano and Virtual Bugs (2013)

Aurélie Lierman (BE/RW)
iota mikro (2012)
The Girl, the Turtle and the Earthquake (2014)

Dganit Elyakim (IL)
Lewdness (2005)
Amharic Suite (2004)

Assaf Gidron (IL)
Strata (2008)

Zeynep Özcan (TR)
Connotation (2014)

Maya Felixbrodt (IL)
Dream: tears, blood and smiles | Beginnings and endges, 10/69 (2014)